You Can Still Use Your Locked iPad

Are you a proud owner of an iPad? Have you experienced the trauma of buying one of these dignified tablets but not able to unlock it? Do not think that you have made an irreparable financial loss. An iPad can get locked under various situations and for each, there are unlocking hacks discovered. We try to help you out in bringing your digital computer book back into action.


Learn how to unlock your iPad without a passcode

This method is very similar to the steps you perform to unlock an iPhone. You need a computer and an iPad USB cable. Connect your iPad to the computer and start iTunes. Ideally, use the upgraded version if iTunes software. Select the option 'Check for updates' from the 'Help' menu Create a backup of the iPad files by going to the 'Devices' option under the 'File' menu and clicking 'Back Up'. You can use these files to restore after resetting the iPad. You should see an 'iPad' button on the top of iTunes window. Click on it.

Click on the 'Summary' tab and the 'Restore iPad' option in it. From the dialogue box which appears, select 'Restore'. This will restore the device's factory settings, upon completion of which the 'Slide to Set up' message will appear on the iPad screen. Drag it and you can unlock the iPad without giving a passcode. Set up the device according to the next instructions. Restore the device content by going to 'Summary' tab on the iTunes window and selecting 'Restore Backup' option.

Never-Synced iPads

The above steps are used to unlock an iPad which has been synced with iTunes. It is not necessary that you should have synced your iPad with iTunes. If it has never been synced, the unlocking steps are initially the same.

After connecting to the computer, remove the iPad from the USB. The other end of the USB should still be connected to the computer. Keep on holding the ‘Sleep/Wake’ button until a red slider appears. Slide it and the iPad gets shut down.

Now reconnect the iPad to the USB slot by holding on the ‘Home’ button. You should see a message on the screen reading ‘Connect to iTunes, and then release the button. The iPad is said to be in the Recovery Mode now. Click on the ‘Restore’ button to restore your device without a passcode.


Unlocking an iPad connected to a network

This can be the most heartbreaking situation when you get an error message trying to open your newly purchased cellular iPad. You would have found it SIM-locked to one of the networks and you are using a SIM of a different network. The network lock might or might not have been done on contract.  This mostly happens when you buy the tablet from a different merchant other than Apple or third party vendors. You might have seen advertisements offering big discounts in the price if you are buying it with the select mobile network or the availability of monthly installments.

Here is a way to unlock it and use your SIM.

While unlocking a network-locked iPad, if a contract is involved, there may be legal issues involved. Once the contract period has been paid off, you will be not subjected to any legal complications. where can you get your ipad unlocked? You can approach your carrier for an alternative solution. There are online unlocking services and some carriers even offer to automatically unlock your iPad by getting connected to a Wi-Fi network. Third party services are also available, which however should be approached cautiously from getting duped or levied hidden charges.

This is a kind of mutual promotion of business, subjected to the conditions of a contract. This tragedy also occurs when you inherit an iPad from your relative or friend, receive it as a gift or purchase a second-hand set. You may be using a SIM connected to a different mobile network and the iPad will be locked with a different one. Check carefully about the network contract and the type of network. The carrier will provide you the unlock code if it is available with them.


If not, the carrier may contact the manufacturer of the device which can cause a delay for communication in unlocking the device. The carriers may put forward some conditions to be followed, which cannot bother you usually unless some unfair means have been involved. Complications are also more when you received a locked iPad from online sites selling second-hand products.